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When was the last time you scheduled pressure washing for your Germantown home? If you can't remember, then it's been too long.

Midtown Power Washers is here to provide you with the regular power washing service you need as a critical part of your home improvement and upkeep. Although our exterior cleaning services help improve curb appeal, there's more to it than that.

Whether you're prepping to paint, list your home for sale, or just want to increase the property value - our work accomplishes it all. For optimal service and superior results in the Germantown area, give our crew a call.

Pressure Washing Rids Your Germantown Home Or Business Of Contaminants

It's no easy feat to maintain a household in Germantown or anywhere, for that matter. When you come to us for services like pressure washing, house washing, or roof cleaning, it means that you're wise enough to understand the value of delegating chores you shouldn't have to try to handle.

The good news is that our skilled exterior cleaning will help remove contaminants like:

  •   Mold
  •   Old Paint
  •   Rust Stains
  •   Algae
  •   Bird Droppings

Savvy homeowners understand the value of scheduling pressure washing every year with a reputable, professional company. Otherwise, you're taking unnecessary risks with the condition of your siding, roofing, and home in general.

When it comes to your commercial facility, an unkempt exterior can scare off potential customers and cause a decrease in sales. Any amount of risk is too much risk when it comes to keeping your home, or business pressure washed.

Germantown Homeowners Need Regular Roof Cleaning

Some jobs require standard pressure washing techniques - and then there are jobs like roof cleaning. Keeping your roof clean is a critical part of routine maintenance and upkeep.

However, if the company you hire for power washing intends to blast dirt away the same way they'd clean your sidewalks, it's time to find another company. At Midtown Power Washers, we use soft washing methods, which are better for your roof.

  •   Safe But Effective
  •   Efficient And Thorough
  •   Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods
  •   Proprietary Cleaning Solutions
  •   Destroy Fungus and Algae at a Molecular Level

The average asphalt shingle rooftop is designed to last approximately 20 years. Of course, a lifespan of two decades is only possible if you bother to take care of regular maintenance.

Failure to let our pros clean your roof annually could drastically reduce the longevity. All you have to do is give us a call and let our soft washing team take expert care of your Germantown home.

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