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Residential window cleaning

Have you scheduled window cleaning for your Memphis home yet? Midtown Power Washers has seen too many local families that haven't bothered to schedule their pressure washing in Memphis, let alone even choose their power washing company.

The screening process for the right window cleaning company can be a bit more rigorous because not all power washers do windows. Plus, it would be best if you avoided pressure washers that plan to use traditional exterior cleaning measures for your glass windows.

We put job safety and customer satisfaction first, and this includes focusing on not causing property damage. Our cleaning methods are safe but effective and promise to leave your window spotless and sparkling.

Ignoring Window Cleaning Is A Bad Idea

You'll quickly learn that not many companies that offer pressure washing also offer window cleaning. It's certainly not the type of task you should rent equipment for and do yourself.

When you screen power washing companies, make sure they also offer window washing because this service removes gunk and contaminants like:

  •   Mold
  •   Algae
  •   Acidic Salt
  •   Dirt and Mud
  •   Bird Droppings

If you think your windows look bad from the outside, you should see how terrible the view is from the inside. What's the point of having a home with a panoramic view, then letting it become obstructed with dirt on your windows?

Clean windows beautify your home from the outside and clear up your view from the inside. Make sure your window cleaning is a top priority, and let us provide you with superior service.

Clean Windows Mean Big Benefits

Just because you scheduled house washing doesn't mean you're getting clean windows. Unfortunately, in many cases, not only is window washing not included, your windows can become dirtier from the runoff from cleaning your siding.

We make it a point to check to see if you want to take care of both and avoid leaving windows with streaks and spots. The benefits of professional window washing are more numerous than you may realize:

  •   Better performing window mechanisms
  •   Longer lasting windows
  •   Enhanced curb appeal
  •   Increased property value
  •   Better indoor air quality

Being a diligent homeowner may leave you with a lengthy to-do list, but you have our pros to help with exterior cleaning. We'll check those pressure washing tasks off your home maintenance checklist and leave you with clean surfaces - including protected glass. We're ready, willing, and capable of safe but effective cleaning. Call us today to schedule your window cleaning in the Memphis area.

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