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When you need pressure washing in Cordova, the company to rely on is Midtown Power Washers. We stand by our belief - "We know it is a great responsibility to work on your home, and it isn't a responsibility we take lightly."

Our mission is to offer each customer we work with the top-notch results they want at a more than reasonable price. As a family-owned and operated company, we treat our clients with the care and respect they deserve.

If you're a home or business owner in Cordova, it's time to get the level of expert exterior cleaning you want for your property. We're ready, willing, and more than capable of providing you with outstanding cleaning results.

Cordova's Top Team For Residential and Commercial Pressure Washing

There are plenty of great reasons to choose Midtown Power Washers as the power washing dream team to work with. Cordova area customers appreciate the hard work and dedication we put into every job.

The good news is that we also offer a wide variety of services so that you can get the service you want and need. Contact us today for any of the following commercial or residential services:

  •   Parking Lot Cleaning
  •   Storefront Cleaning
  •   Building Washing
  •   Roof Cleaning
  •   House Washing
  •   Driveway Cleaning
  •   Window Cleaning
  •   Gutter Cleaning
  •   Deck Cleaning
  •   Fence Cleaning

Our superior cleaning service will both beautify and protect the outside of your building. Our work will also keep your exterior safe and healthy.

Your home or business can become contaminated with potentially harmful substances, including irritants and allergens. There's also an elevated chance that, over time, surfaces that receive foot traffic will become slippery with algae, creating a high-risk area for a slip-and-fall accident - but not if we clean it for you.

Roof Cleaning For Your Home In Cordova

Hopefully, you're not the type of homeowner who takes a gamble with the condition of your rooftop. If you do not include roof cleaning as part of your regular maintenance, you're putting this component of your home at risk.

Roof cleaning isn't something you can handle as a DIY service, nor should it be left to a company that uses power washing for all surfaces.

Midtown Power Washers use soft washing techniques, and that means you can reap the rewards of this cleaning service:

  •   Safe But Effective
  •   Environmentally Responsible
  •   Avoid Water Intrusion
  •   Maximize the Lifespan of Your Roof
  •   Keep Your Shingles Protected From Damage

Give us a call right now, and you'll schedule the best pressure washing or roof cleaning in Cordova.

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